“Best Coffee In Town”

Our coffee is known to be “the best coffee in town”.  We are very proud to say that we have been supplying Robert Timms Coffee (Bushells) since the purchase of our business in 1983.

On the scenic Johnstone River, Oliveri’s is the perfect driving rest-stop to recharge or relax by talking to one of our coffee experts. Long before the humble coffee machine took up residence on every city corner, Oliveri’s Deli was experimenting with and developing personalised customer blends and grinding to suit every taste. It is no wonder that Oliveri’s Deli boasts “the best coffee in town”. 

As well as making great coffee, we also sell whole coffee beans, Bialetti percolators and spare parts, as well as coffee plungers and grinders. Visit Oliveri’s to settle any of your coffee cravings.